River Sterling

Verbena Mage/Health Sage


River grew up with her Aunt, Kora. Her father was nothing more then a genetic donor, and her mother was “too much of a free spirit” to raise her properly, so she was left with her Aunt Kora. Kora was already an awakened Verbena for many years, but took care that River did not know until it was time. The two of them lived in a two bedroom apartment above Kora’s Herbal Healing store “That Weird Head Shop Down The Street”.

River was awakened at 16. She had had a particularly difficult day at school. Upon coming home she stole a “brownie” from some of the store’s secret stash. Her plan was to eat it and meditate to try to find her calm. It was during this meditation that she got a vision. It was as if she could see her own breath travel through the world, touching everything, flowing in and out of all living things. It was as if she could see the breath of all things living on the earth. When she come to, her Aunt was sitting next to her. River explained her vision as tears feel down her face, not out of sadness but over come by the beauty of what she saw. From that day on Kora lead her on the ways of the Verbena.

Years later, River has taken over the shop and her Aunt moved to Florida in retirement.


River Sterling

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