Ander "Scratch" Cascade

A rugged street musicin and part-time grifter


Born Andrew Cassidy, Ander Cascade is the oldest of three siblings, and fell in love with music as soon as he first heard it from his mother’s lips.

Growing up Andrew Cassidy had a speech impediment, and introduced himself as “Ander Cascade” to everyone he met. Embarrassed by his phonetic dysfunction, he hid behind learning and playing every musical instrument he could get his hands upon.

He realized around puberty the power of his music, as he was able to stir the emotions of those that listened. One day as he was playing, he saw the passage of energy and time through his music, Awakening. His band-mates had aged twenty years around him.

A few moments later, and old jazz musician named Dizzy walked by, and offered to tutor him in the ways of Magickal music, reversing the magical aging and wiping the memories of the other band members. Andrew quickly agreed, and thus his tutelage began.

Andrew stayed true to his learning, and true to his music, and even learned how to fix his speech impediment through Magick. Using his misspoken name as his stage name. He began touring with Dizzy found different genres of music caused different effects in the Tellurian.

Dizzy left him one day after a show, saying there was nothing more he could show Ander he couldn’t find out himself.

He fell into a year of the blues, until the twang of [Ro’s character]’s guitar gave him new inspiration and Awakened him to the next level of his Enlightenment. He soon formed a band with her, and they continue to play together.

Ander came to Cannon Bay to find his sister, only after finding out his brother-in-law had disappeared trying to look for her. He temporarily joined a Cabal to help locate his lost relatives, and was reunited with them after a brief mission in the Umbra.

His sister was saved, but his brother-in-law’s spirit did not return to his body. Scratch has spent the last two years searching for his brother-in-law’s soul with Remi, who he knew had more experience in the realm of Spirit.

Ander "Scratch" Cascade

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